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For Men

Conceptions of masculinity can make it difficult for many men to seek help, especially for any sort of psychological or emotional difficulty. Traditional male socialization invites men to be strong, stoic, and independent problem solvers, leaving little space for uncertainty and vulnerability.


You may be:

  • Experiencing stress associated with a demanding job.

  • Encountering frustrations related to romantic relationships.

  • Feeling lost, and that you have run out of ideas, time, or motivation.

  • Concerned that something just isn’t right in your life.

  • Feeling irritable, stressed, sad, lonely, or anxious more often than you would like.

  • Thinking about making a change, yet seeming to stay stuck in the same old patterns.

  • Wishing that someone could know or understand the struggles you face.


Considering counselling involves a significant amount of strength and courage. Counselling can be a place to share with an unbiased party in a confidential setting, and to untangle complicated issues that interfere with your sense of order.

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