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I believe that it is through relationships that we come to know and value ourselves. However, relationships can be challenging and emotional work, especially amidst the ups and downs of life. Life stressors don’t happen in isolation: they impact those around us and are impacted by others.


You may be experiencing:

  • Communication difficulties, reduced satisfaction, infidelity, or confusion about whether to stay in a romantic relationship.

  • Difficulty finding, developing, and maintaining the relationships you desire.

  • Strained relationships with colleagues or supervisors.

  • Tensions in your relationships with your family of origin.

  • Patterns of interaction that don’t fit for you anymore.

  • Disconnection from relationships despite them being important to you.

  • A desire to relate to yourself in new ways.


Whether you seek to improve your relationships with others or your relationship with yourself, talking with an objective third party can help you towards increased clarity, all within the context of a therapeutic relationship.

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